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I'd like to start out with a few reccomendations:

Apples: A Discworld/LotR crossover, featuring what happened to Shadowfax.

The Detective and the Diplomat: Discworld/Sherlock Holmes: Vetinari and Holmes have a few mysteries to solve...

Disc Wars -Episode 4: SW/Disc: There are two more in this series, in which the Disc characters parody the classic Star Wars trillogy.

Watchmen in Black: MIB/Disc: MIB come to Discworld to hunt aliens. Sam is not amused.

Evidence: Silm/Disc: Samuel and Death have a little surprise for the sons of Feanor.

Harry Potter meets Ponder Stibbons HP/Disc: "The Boy who Lived comes face to face with the man who never went out again."
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