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Some thoughts

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I've been reading some fanfics on fanfiction.net recently, some of them I would recommend are as followed:

Author's notes: Vetinari, Downey and Rust are on a mission to destory the Disc's newest music sensation, rap. Don't hate.

...A nice parody that you might (or might not) like, it's quite interesting, introduced by well read and received way, easily going into the mind of the reader and, interesting, has the tendency to stay there... Hmmm... Fascinationg... Read it. I highly reccomend it.

Author's notes: Life is hard. Death is harder. Sirius Black’s journey through the veil takes him to a curious state of mortality and an unexpected destination... A city called Ankh Morpork. DiscHP crossover.

...Higly recommended. The author has a very interesting grabbing every sense style, a little bit unpolished here and there, but it seems it would be incredible writer. Suspense all the way you turn. I love this style!

Author's notes: Leonard of Quirm is inspired. Lord Vetinari is worried. Then again, what's new?

...I read this author for a while. I love it's work. Every single one!!! When I am convinced it wouldn't be better, it becomes even more.

Author's notes: Vimes, the Watch, lots of other people and... what was it? Oh, yes, a murder. Strange thing, the victim is still alive...

...One f my favourits on FF. I ever get bored while reading BTK's works. Brilliant job by a brilliant author with brilliant ides.

And... my favourit work of art...

Author's notes: Set just before 'Thud', Lord Vetinari pays a visit to Sir Reynold's Art Gallery to see the amazing new exhibit he's heard so much about...

When I read this short piece I was so astonished by the lack of words I usually spat out with tones... Brilliant characterization. Absolute masterpiece. Deserves 'Pulitzer' just by reading the first paragraph... I love this work! The best Vetinari I've been reading EVER!

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